“Lock Desktop” – New Mac OS X App

I’ve uploaded one of my first applications for a Mac. It’s extremely easy to use. The tool allows you to lock your desktop when you’re away from the computer and requires a password when you get back.  This is something you can run on demand, instead of waiting for a screen-saver, or logging off.  Lock Desktop 1.0 even keeps your programs running in the back. 

Download the file below.
Lock Desktop – Mac OS X

Mac OS X – Application that will “lock” desktop. This feature was available on my PC and allowed to leave my workstation and ensure that my desktop remained safe. This application runs an Automator script to lock the desktop.


54 comments on ““Lock Desktop” – New Mac OS X App

  1. Andrew says:

    Nice, does exactly what it says with no fuss, win….

  2. lakegirl says:

    Thanks for this…I needed something to lock my keyboard because my idiot cat loves to sleep on the keys (and she always manages to screw things up royally…it’s a good thing she’s adorable otherwise). Perhaps you should market it as “Kitty Keylock” and put some kittens frolicking on the lock screen…you’d make a fortune.

  3. gugus says:

    Still in use – from Leopard till Mountain Lion!
    CMD+Space -> “loc” + Return == your screen is locked in about 1-2 secounds. Or younjust add a dock icon, of course 😉

    thx man

  4. Chris says:

    Thanks for all of the comments! I’ve updated the Lock Desktop app so it doesn’t generate errors in the latest version of OS X Mountain Lion.

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