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PHP: Session Timeouts

Defining session timeout thresholds for PHP scripts is a security “must”. I recommend that you consider the purpose of your script before applying a session timeout function. For instance, if your site has a secure login and security requirements, it’s important to include the timeout function. However, it’s often an inconvenience to end-users.

Use the code below to create a function which can be used to implement a secure timeout threshold.

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/* Set timeout threshold to 10 minutes (600 seconds) */
$timeout = 600;
$_SESSION["expires_by"] = time() + $timeout;

“Lock Desktop” – New Mac OS X App

I’ve uploaded one of my first applications for a Mac. It’s extremely easy to use. The tool allows you to lock your desktop when you’re away from the computer and requires a password when you get back.  This is something you can run on demand, instead of waiting for a screen-saver, or logging off.  Lock Desktop 1.0 even keeps your programs running in the back.  Read more →